Saturday, August 2, 2014

The big “but”

Our county fair is this week and I had great hopes of enjoying all its sights and sounds and smells.  Back in May they announced that the headline entertainment was going to be a fairly big name country group.  Since I like much of their music and the tickets were reasonably priced, I decided to go.

It seemed like a good idea at the time. 

But.  There’s always a ‘but’.  But, it wasn't.

When I bought the tickets we didn't have plans for our big family picnic we had this past Saturday.  We didn't know my sister would be having back surgery this last Monday.  And, I didn't know I would be spending the better part of a week on the west coast for work just prior to the big family picnic and Sis’ surgery.

All I wanted to do this week was take it easy, really very easy.  But, I had a ticket and sitting listening to music should be relaxing. 

Getting to the fairgrounds was anything but easy.  When I was just a mile away the traffic came to a screeching halt.  And did not move.  At all.

One hour and fifteen minutes later, after the concert was to start, I finally arrived.  But there was no parking.  None.

The only fair employee to be found was telling the gridlocked, stopped cars that we could go to town to park and walk back.  That would be another half hour consumed just trying to get there.  If I was lucky I might get there an hour into the concert.

But I didn't. 

I went home.  And it was relaxing and calm.



  1. Ugh!!!! How frustrating! I'm glad you decided to appreciate the calm at home, but they really should have been better organized about the parking.

  2. I second Stephanie's comment. Ugh!!! How frustrating!! I'm sorry that all happened.

  3. That is terrible!!!
    Relaxing at home without the gridlock and other crowds of people sounds like the best option to me too!